Group commends LAWMA’s employment of 20 disabled persons.

The Centre for Infrastructural and Technological Advancement for the Blind (CITAB) has hailed the Lagos Waste Management Agency (LAWMA) over its recent employment of 20 disabled persons.

This was contained in a press release issued by the group’s Executive Chairman of Mr. Jolomi Fenemigho.

The CITAB boss showered more encomiums on LAWMA for taking a step in the right direction by adding 20 physically challenged individuals to
their pay-roll thereby reducing the number of disabled unemployed persons in Lagos while transforming their way of lives.

Fenemigho further stated that:  “Inclusivity is key to the development
of any growing nation and what LAWMA has portrayed, indicates the
agency’s readiness to aid and support the welfare of disabled persons
in the society.”

The CITAB boss lamented the high number of abandoned disabled persons in Lagos State adding that many of them had resorted to begging along the streets while little or nothing was done to alleviate their plight  until LAWMA intervened.

He further stated that before this set of physically challenged persons were gainfully employed; most of them were already sweeping and cleaning their surroundings, adding that this showed how dedicated they were to a task. The CITAB boss urged other Lagos State  parastatals to follow in the foot-steps of LAWMA.

The CITAB boss further recommended the need for each of the newly employed physically challenged persons to under-go psychological evaluation and motivational enlightenment programmes in order to expose them to part-time academic opportunities.




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